How To Use Templates

WORD Templates: We offer Microsoft Word templates as a courtesy to our customers which may also be opened with Open Office. You can also use any program that allows you to set up custom label templates.
PDF Templates: Download template by clicking on it, save to your computer and then open when needed. If you will be printing it out, be sure NOT to check "fit to page" in your printer settings or the actual printout will not be correct. You can use these templates in Adobe Photoshop. The template will be the background, create your label by adding layers. When your labels are complete, select background layer and turn it off or erase entire layer.
How to Build Your Own Template Using Microsoft Word

General Label Tips:

 TIP #1– many label sheets have slightly different top and bottom margins or left and right margins. Look for an "x" or a diecut mark to indicate the top of the label sheet. If the label or tag sheet does not have a mark to guide you, measure the top and side margins and choose the cleanest measurement as your top of sheet (for example, choose the end with a .5 top margin over a .4375 margin) Remember your choice, so that all label sheets can be properly inserted into the printer.

TIP #2 – many printers have different product type settings, you should choose glossy if your label surface is glossy, transparent if your label surface is clear, etc. If you are not getting the result you want on a normal paper setting, you can experiment with this feature.

TIP#3 – every printer is different, every printer’s feed is different. Templates are guidelines only, you should expect to have to make minor adjustments prior to printing.