Clear Gloss Inkjet Rectangle

PREMIUM Clear Gloss polyester labels for inkjet printers. This label does not have a frosted surface. It's a smooth, gloss feel and clear appearance when applied to a surface.  Ink dries instantly (for optimal results, use photo paper or gloss paper printer setting). Label is durable and the adhesive can withstand extreme hot/cold conditions. This label holds up nicely even when splashed with water. Ink will smudge when rubbed with effort with a wet hand but try Krylon Preserve It spray sealant after printing & before application, we hear this works great if you need a waterproof label. All label sheets are self-adhesive (peel and stick) with permanent adhesive.
Order by the sheet or in bulk. Quantity discounts available.
Detailed Material Information: Material Spec Sheet - Clear Gloss Inkjet

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