All Brown Kraft Label Sheets

Brown Kraft Labels are used by crafters all over the country to add a special touch to their creations, whether it's a candle, a handmade bar of soap, a bag of sundries or just mailing labels with a country, rustic charm. Our Brown Kraft Labels have the look and feel of a brown paper grocery bag, are available in two shades and work very well in both inkjet and laser printers. Will also work in a copier. Can also be used to add text and logos to boxes. All label sheets are self-adhesive (peel and stick) with permanent adhesive.

Order by the sheet or in bulk. Quantity discounts available.

Detailed Material Information: Material Spec Sheet - Brown Kraft

Things to Consider!
 - If you are using amber or blue plastic containers marked PET, PETE, PETP or PET-P and/or some aluminum cosmetic bottles, we suggest testing both the light brown kraft and the standard brown kraft to determine which will works best for your choice of container.
- this is a 100% recycled product, and hence has no color specification range guarantee from the mill that supplies the brown kraft facer. Variations in shade may occur from order to order and even from size to size. If consistency is preferred, please consider ordering Light Brown Kraft labels.