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General Label Questions

Are your label sheets waterproof? Will they stand up in the dishwasher, shower or hot water?

Do you have * x * size?

I can't find the size I want in the label material I want.

Are your labels self-adhesive? Are your labels sticky? Are your labels peel and stick?

Are your labels removable?

On sheet labels, are the label corners rounded or square?

Do you think these labels will stick to glass, plastic, wood, drywall, fabric, metal, paper, or baggies?

How do I attach the water bottle labels? Will I need to glue them? Are they the same as a regular sticky label, or do they just have a sticky part at the very end like factory water bottle labels?"

"Are your water-resistant inkjet labels glossy? Do water-resistant labels come in other colors? Will any of the water-resistant labels hold up in the dishwasher?

Do you supply your sheet labels in 8.5x14, 11x17, or 12x18 sizes?

Do you send out samples?

I am looking for a 1/2" diameter label, do you carry it or can you make it?

What color is natural ivory? Is it off white or a true ivory or something in between?

Do the hang tags come in any colors or are they all white? Do these come in an uncut sheet?

Can we get the hang tag sheets with the holes pre-punched?

Is the hang tag string pre-knotted, or simply pre-cut?

I see a water bottle, candle, ingredient label that I like online but it's the wrong color, can the colors be changed?


Do you ship globally?


Can I exchange / return label sheets I have not used?

Printing Labels

Can I use Clear Gloss Polyester laser labels with a color laser printer?

Will you please email me the template for ** x ** ? Do you have a custom template? Can you help me layout my label in this template I downloaded? How does Microsoft Word work? Can you tell me how to use _________ software?

Can you do custom printing with silver or gold metallic printing?

My Water-resistant label isn't printing right. It has powder-like color dust on it (or it seems to be flaking in areas). What do I do?

I messed up my labels with this template. What do I do?

My labels are all smeared. What do I do?

How do I use your template with Mail Merge?


Can I add to or change something on my order?

Is this a secure transaction? I don't see any certificates on this store...

Can I combine sheets of different sizes and material for the quantity discounts?

I placed my order on mm/dd and the status is showing unverified. When I ordered, the description said 'usually ships same day'. Is there a problem with my order? Why hasn't my order shipped yet?