GF Samples

GF Labels understands the importance of sampling a product before purchasing a substantial amount. It is with this in mind that a quick and effective sample distribution service through has been developed.

You can quickly locate the desired sample or samples by using the GF# and following the guidelines below.

Specific Size & Material
To search for a specific size and material, please enter the entire GF # including the material suffix.

Example: GF1440UPW
Specific Size (all materials)
To search for all materials offered in a specific size, please enter only the GF #. 

Example: GF1440
Specific Material (all sizes)
To search for all sizes offered in a specific material, please enter the three letter material suffix only.

Example: UPW (see list below)

Search Suggestion: At this time, we do not carry every single die in every type of material. However, we are adding new sizes and materials continually.
If you are unable to find the exact size/material combination you are looking for, order a few samples of the size in a different material (too allow you to see size / layout). In addition, order a few full-page label sheets of the material you'd like to sample to allow you to test this through your printer or press.

UPW - Uncoated Perm White
RPW - Recycled Perm White
RMW - Removable White
MGW - Mid-Gloss Perm White
HGW - High Gloss Perm White
PGW - Photo Gloss Perm White
ATW - All Temp Perm White
OPW - Opaque Perm White
CMP - Clear Matte Perm
GCP - Gloss Clear Perm
PLW - Poly Laser White

BKP - Brown Kraft
LBK - Light Brown Kraft
PBK - Prairie Brown Kraft
KTP - Khaki Tan Perm
NWP - Natural White
UOP - Orange
UPP - Pink
UBP - Blue
UYP - Yellow
UGP - Green

LFG - Laser Foil Gold
LFS - Laser Foil Silver

PBP - Pastel Blue
PGP - Pastel Green
PPP - Pastel Pink
PYP - Pastel Yellow
POP - Pastel Orange

WPI - White Poly Inkjet
GCI - Gloss Clear Inkjet

FGP - Fluorescent Green Perm
FRP - Fluorescent Red Perm
FPP - Fluorescent Pink Perm
FOP - Fluorescent Orange Perm
FYP - Fluorescent Yellow Perm

TUN - White Tag Uncoated
TC - White Tag 1 Side Coated
BTUN - Brown Tag Uncoated, (a div. of Creative Label Concepts)
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